Wednesday 1st May Shane Cobalt Lecture

Shane Cobolt
The Acorn Lecture:

An Exploration of Erdnase


Shane Cobalt started his magic career in Toronto, Canada. As a young man he would often spend his days studying the books in the local magic shop, The Browser's Den of Magic. As years passed rumors started to spread of a Canadian magician who was doing material from Erdnase extremely well. Shane's card work was circling the underground of magic. In 2010 Shane worked with Jeff Pinsky to put on “The Zarrow Shuffle Workshop” A groundbreaking full day of exploring one of the most notorious false shuffles in the world!

Shane received the Len Cooper Memorial Award 2005 as Toronto's Most Promising Young Magician. Following this he was the first recipient of the Tony Eng Youth Award in 2008 receiving the top prize.

Since then Shane has gone on to be a magic consultant for David Blaine, curate part of David Copperfield's private museum, and perform all over the world including at the world famous Magic Castle.



In 1902, a little book on card cheating was published by S.W. Erdnase. This book, The Expert at the Card Table, captured the attention of Dai Vernon, the greatest sleight of hand artist of the 20th century. Through careful inspection and analysis, Erdnase as it is commonly referred to has become something of a legend. Many people own the book, but few people have actually read

it, fewer still understand it and even fewer perform any of the material from it, despite it being so highly recommended by Vernon himself.

 It’s a difficult book read and learn from.

 Shane Cobalt has spent over 10 years reading, practicing and interpreting The Expert at the Card Table. In this rare lecture, Shane will open up his private notebooks and share the inner secrets of this old little book.

 During the two hour lecture the importance of Erdnase will be discussed as well as the challenges with learning from the book.

 You will hear about the two different ways to learn from Erdnase and many of the key pieces of information that make the techniques in the book much easier to learn.


The various grips used in Erdnase will be demonstrated and the accompanying techniques.

 You will learn how to properly hold the deck in an Erdnase Grip for dealing. You will learn the proper way to shuffle cards in the hands and on the table, as well as the run cuts that usually follow. You will see the Diagonal Palm Shift in action. You will hear about and see the various top and bottom palms as published in Erdnase and the various theories on when to perform them best.

 You will see all of the popular shifts from Erdnase demonstrated, including the S.W.E. Shift, The Longitudinal Shift, The One Handed Shift, and the Open Shift.

 You will hear stories about Erdnase, who he was, and stories about how the book has influenced the history of card magic.



 Where:           Quarrymans Hotel
                         214-216 Harris St
                         Pyrmont 2009
Time:               7:00pm
When:             Wednesday 1st May 2019
Ticket Price:   $35  

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