Animinimals (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Billy Damon


Without any blowing, inflating or twisting, you can now magically transform a balloon into an adorable, miniature balloon animal. Check out the video! Magician and Balloon Twister Billy Damon uses the most basic sleight of hand. The result? You can create the illusion that you're making a teeny-tiny balloon sculpture from a Qualatex 260 pencil balloon.

The team at Vanishing Inc. brainstormed with Billy Damon to create different handlings for you to choose from. They're all super-easy to do and will help you come up with your own routine.

  • Basic transformation
  • Snap Change
  • Pluck
  • In the spectator's hand
  • Change Bag
  • Monkey Tail

You get seven different animals- a dog, cat, monkey, horse, bear, rabbit and butterfly-all in kids' favorite colors. Along with the balloon-to-animal transformation, you can do color changes, split one animal into two, "Two-in-the-hand, One-in-the-pocket," and a bunch of vanishes and transpositions. If you're looking to increase your tips at a restaurant gig? Animinimals will do the trick!

What's in the box?

  • A dozen assorted Animinimals
  • Matching balloons
  • A 20-minute video instruction module
  • Six different routines

These brightly colored creatures just might be the ultimate magical giveaway at parties and strolling gigs. When you carry Animinimals in your pocket, you'll always be ready to amaze children and adults with the smallest balloon animals in the world!

    We took all the cards from the original Bicycle Card® design and ditched the clothing!

    We re-designed every King, Queen, Jack and Joker!

    As a bonus card, we've added a fully dressed king and queen for magicians to unleash their creativity.

    There's nothing steamy about this deck. It's intended for all ages and cultures.

    The cards are printed by USPCC in the USA using sustainable forest paper and vegetable-based inks.

    The linen finish and triple coating make these cards extra smooth and durable.

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