Art Magic

Art Magic (with DVD) by Twister Magic

If you like art, do not miss this effect! Here's one of the effects possible with Art Magic:

Give 7 cards to a spectator to shuffle, on each one is printed a great work of art, the spectator freely chooses one, then mixes it?áwith others.?á

The magician has an envelope which has a hole on each side, and puts the 7 art cards in.?áA?ápaint?ábrush is?áinserted through the holes in the envelope and magically and incomprehensible to the?áaudience, the work of art freely chosen by the spectator begins to rise magically from inside the envelope.

All effects are easy to perform, yet the impact is very strong magic.

You can perform a full routine with all 4 effects or present any one separately.

Iincludes all necessary materials?áplus a?áDVD which explains the 4 effects very clearly.

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