Cagey (excerpt from The Omega Mutation) by Cameron Francis and Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD

CAGEY - A FREE effect from the Omega Mutation 3 volume set. Cagey is a stunning card transposition with an ending that will slay your spectators. This is visual, fun, and employs a truly engaging presentation.

THE OMEGA MUTATION "Bottom line, if you are lookin for a TRUCKLOAD of fantastic killer material, PICK UP THESE DVD's." - Richard Sanders

"Cameron's magic is captivating and full of surprises. You will like this material!" - Aldo Colombini

"I'll sum up my thoughts on this DVD set in two words 'BUY IT". - Craig Petty

"The most exciting dvds magic has seen in a long time!" - Justin Miller

"I know how much this is selling for, and I would have gladly paid double that." - Donny Orbit

"Stunning. Well filmed and fantastic effects... if you love close up, you'll love these." - Alan Rorrison

"This is absolutely superb." - Jamie Badman

27 real-world effects from the hottest magic newcomer in years in a 3 disc box set that will blow you away! Almost 5 hours of practical, mind-blowing close-up magic! Featuring exclusive music from Slaves To Gravity, Johnny Panic, Standing Dead Centre, Andrew Potterton and John Barr!

1 - Alpha

Vivid - The torn corner of one selection mysteriously appears taped to a second selection. In the blink of an eye the first selction restores itself. It's madness I tell you.
Insecure Restoration - A new twist on David Williamson's "Torn and Restored Transpo".
Cagey - A stunning transposition with an ending that will slay your spectators. This is a beautifully constructed routine,that engages as much as it amazes.
Everywhere - A signed selection multiplies, disappears and reappears under impossible conditions.
Dime-A-Cap - A new twist on the coin to pen cap. Indeed, with just a pen and a coin you can have a really beautiful moment of magic.
Triumph Transpo - The name says it all... no, it does. it really does.
Signed & Assembled - Three signed cards to card box. Super clean and super easy to do.
Back In 10 - A freely selected coin (yeah, right!), disappears and ends up taped to the back of a signed business card. You could give that away you know. Like some kind of souvenir / advertising ploy. Genius.
Hard Knocks - A completely impromptu signature transposition like no other.

2 - Mem

Assembled Reset - Four jokers assemble and then instantly backfire into their original positions. Highly effective and the handling is a breeze.
Card-A-Que -A selection is charred with a lighter and restored in an insanely visual fashion. This is the kind of magic that people talk about for months after the event. And it's EASY!
Appearing Sharpie - A 'no sleeves required' miracle. One second you are holding a pen lid, the next it's the pen has appeared in the lid. Hence 'Appearing Sharpie'. Obviously.
Bill Switch - The $100 Bill Switch explained in detail.
Cheque This - A three phase routine created with the table hopper in mind. A borrowed bill turns into an IOU cheque. Then a selected card is shown to have been predicted on the cheque. And then, to cap it all, the bill reappears inside a card case that has been on display the entire time.
Last Laugh - Four jokers capture a selection. The selection then becomes a joker and the four jokers become the selection and its mates. Bang - your spectators are on the floor. You're laughing manically because this is easy-peasy!
Yours & Yours - Words on a piece of paper disappear. Where did they go? Let's check these two selections. Oh look - those 'vanishing words' have appeared on the back of the selections. Weird.
Separation Anxiety - Oil and water with a twist. Like Gin 'N Tonic with lime juice. Except without the alcohol. Or the tonic. Or the lime.
Stuffed - Two kings capture two selections under impossible conditions.

3 - Omega

Ring Flight - A reel-less ring flight that's big on impact and easy on sleights. You'll be using this one folks. Believe us! No gaffs, just guts!
Jumpy Collectors - Three jacks collect three selections one at a time in an increasingly impossible manner.
CF Switch - A utility card switch with loads of possibilities.
Visiting Hour - An amazing "Visitor" effect that is perfect for table hoppers.
Connections - A super clean Do-As-I-Do effect with an incredible climax.
Hofzinser Takes A Dive - The Hofzinser Ace Problem turned on its head.
Space Available - A blank faced card takes on the image of a signed selection under incredibly fair conditions.
Dupes - An amazing small packet effect with loads of magic and an instant reset.
International Cards Of Mystery - You write a prediction on a bank note. Then you allow your spectator to chose from a packet of cards - each of which has a different city on the reverse. Their freely selected city is found to be on the reverse of the same card you predicted on the bank note. But wait - you can't spend that bank note in that city. Solution - you visibly change the currency to match the city!

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