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"Coin Leap has some really ingenious moves and routining that make it really intriguing and stimulating." 
- Ponta the Smith 

Chiharu's coin magic is secretly becoming the talk of the Internet magic scene. 

Each routine on this video is destined to become a masterpiece, designed for impact while being extremely practical. Sit back and enjoy the beauty and clarity of these effects. 

The Inertia Palm Transfer is where it all starts. This revolutionary idea and the various techniques derived from it will let you skip that ubiquitous movement that almost always appears in coin work. A must see for coin workers. 

Enjoy the cutting edge in coin technique. 


Coin Leap

Vanish and appearance of three coins. 

This routine represents a large body of Chiharu's research into coin magic. 


This is a fun Spellbound with rhythmical changes. 

Various changes and transfers make this routine pleasing to watch, even from behind. 

One Coin Routine 

This One Coin Routine goes about as far as you can with productions, vanishes, and transfers using just a single coin. 

It's the most skill-intensive routine on this video. 

Inertia Palm Transfer 

Inertia Retention Vanish/Inertia Spider Vanish/Inertia One Hand Vanish/Inertia Toss Vanish/Inertia Click Pass 

The first technique represents a major departure from conventional palming techniques. It's a coin transfer that looks unbelievable, even from behind. 

While this move ranks high on the difficulty scale, it pays back handsomely in practicality. 

The video explains the Inertia Palm Transfer and a slew of other useful sleights derived from this basic technique. 

Ellen Baker Production 

Ellen Baker Vanish/Ellen Baker Shuttle Pass 

Chiharu explains a production, vanish and a shuttle pass that starts from a position that he calls the Ellen Baker Grip. 

This technique makes it relatively easy to show both hands empty. 

Fingertip Vanish 

As the name implies, a coin held at your left fingertips vanishes visually as your right hand makes a magical gesture. 

TA Vanish 

A coin held in the left hand vanishes, after which both hands can be shown empty. 

Download the video and improve your coin work by multiple levels!

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