DORITO BITE (Gimmicks and online Instructions) by Julio Montoro and Gabbo Torres


Two years ago Gabbo Torres contacted Julio Montoro to show him his new idea. The craziest part was when Julio showed Gabbo the same idea written in his ideas notepad. They decided to work together on this project.

More than 6 prototypes were made in that two years until they had the final one. This is DORITO BITE.

Dorito Bite is the most organic way to perform the coin bite effect. This one looks like if you were a real magician! Imagine taking a Dorito out the bag, take a bite and BOOM, you restore it!

With the purchase of this project you will get a beautiful handmade fake Dorito with all the working systems inside that make it work. But not only that. You will also get an awesome metal box to carry the gimmick with you in your pocket without damaging it.

You will love Dorito Bite! Take the next step to the new organic world!

    We took all the cards from the original Bicycle Card® design and ditched the clothing!

    We re-designed every King, Queen, Jack and Joker!

    As a bonus card, we've added a fully dressed king and queen for magicians to unleash their creativity.

    There's nothing steamy about this deck. It's intended for all ages and cultures.

    The cards are printed by USPCC in the USA using sustainable forest paper and vegetable-based inks.

    The linen finish and triple coating make these cards extra smooth and durable.

    Need some socks? Make sure to also check out the Undressed Deck socks!

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