In Your Face

In Your Face by Wayne Rogers 'NEW'- Australian Exclusive!

From the inventor of the Appearing Ladder in Briefcase, Missing Spade and the Appearing Broom, comes a fun drawing duplication with Attitude . . . IN YOUR FACE

A spectator stands behind the performer and chooses one of six ?Smiley Face? emotion cards. The other cards are placed out of sight in a large envelope and the selection is held face down, against their chest. All this is done while the performer has his back to the spectator.

The spectator is asked to ?feel? the emotion depicted and try to put that same expression on their own face. The other audience members are asked to remain poker faced while this is happening. (Choose the right on-stage helper and this bit of business gets a load of laughs.)

Next the performer takes his pad and begins to draw the emotion being acted out behind his back. Part way through the drawing he stops and holds up the pad asking, ?How I am I doing so far?? This gets more laughs thanks to a visual gag suggested by T C Tahoe.

Finally the performer finishes his drawing and brings the spectator forward to reveal their chosen ?emotion.?  The performer?s drawing matches!

Wayne writes, ?For years I did a similar effect with large ESP cards. In 2008, when Paul Romhany brought out his ?Happy Face? Wild Card routine, I found that using the faces had more appeal with most audiences.?

IN YOUR FACE comes with SIX different ?Smiley? type face cards measuring 51/2? x 81/2? (14cm x 21.5cm)  Cards are laminated for years of use. Supply your own drawing pad and a large envelope and you?re ready to perform at any time.

IN YOUR FACE is fully self-contained. No extra gimmicks or batteries required!

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