Lotto Square

Lotto Square by Leo Smetsers


A card is named in a deck, for example, the 3 of hearts.

He spreads the deck of cards and shows that all numbers on the back of the cards are different.

The magician spreads the cards face-up and pulls out the 3 of hearts and on the back is the number 36.

The magician gives the helper one of the LOTTO scratch cards from the table and the spectator chooses any row horizontal, vertical or even diagonal! He picks a row and scratches but ... Unfortunately no matching number 36.

However, the magician does notice that if the numbers in the row are added up they total 36!

The spectator scratches the remaining spaces on the card and all rows in all directions total the number 36! In fact, there are more than 30 different way to total 36!



You will receive 60 Special tickets and a manual with many tips and ideas.

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