Mollify (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Fraser Parker


Mollify allows you to perform a completely "hands off" two person

code in real time, without any codes or prior set up of your assistant.

A spectator is told to think of a card as they shuffle a deck face up as the performer and second spectator look away.

Then without the performer touching the deck the first spectator hands the deck of cards to a second spectator where they are able to seemingly use their intuition to instantly find the first spectator's thought of card.

This can then be repeated over and over without any apparent compromise.

The ingenious gimmick card and clever use of language does all of the work for you.

Fraser also teaches his key shuffle which can be used on its own or with any other routine that requires knowing what card has been selected by a spectator.

This is an entirely fair looking selection procedure that means a card can be freely thought of by your spectator from across the room under seeming impossible conditions and the performer will always be able to find it in the deck.

You will receive a single gimmick card printed on red Bicycle card stock, the PDF download of the instructions as well as an in studio performance showing the basic principle at play.

    We took all the cards from the original Bicycle Card® design and ditched the clothing!

    We re-designed every King, Queen, Jack and Joker!

    As a bonus card, we've added a fully dressed king and queen for magicians to unleash their creativity.

    There's nothing steamy about this deck. It's intended for all ages and cultures.

    The cards are printed by USPCC in the USA using sustainable forest paper and vegetable-based inks.

    The linen finish and triple coating make these cards extra smooth and durable.

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