Radar Crystal Pendulum

Radar Crystal Pendulumby Kenton Knepper

Just Imagine...Any card is selected from a deck of cards. The performer removes a large two-inch acrylic crystal from around his neck, claiming it has the power to find any lost object.

This mysterious crystal is held and seen to glow with bursts of lights suddenly over one of the fifty-two cards. The card that causes the crystal to light is the selected card?or this can be a chosen name on a billet, etc.
  • NO magnets
  • NO switches
  • NO table set-up
  • NO force required


Commercial, easy and entirely self-contained. May even be examined. Practical magic and mentalism as used by Kenton Knepper himself.

Draws great curiosity and attention at clubs, bars, raves and in the noisiest of situations.

Comes complete with acrylic crystal pendulum, batteries and a 2 page instruction booklet containing 4 handlings of this effect.

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