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In this video, a number of novel effects are taught using spelling and a Sharpie! 

Effect 1: 

The deck is shuffled by the spectator. There are 4 words on the Sharpie. The spectator chooses the words on the Sharpie in any random order. For each letter, the magician deals a card to the table. On the last letter in each word, the card is placed to the side. When the 4 cards on the table are turned over, it is revealed that they are the 4 Aces (or any 4 of kind). 

Effect 2: 

Sharpie Royal
Same as effect 1, but you end up with a royal straight flush instead of 4 of kind. 

Effect 3: 

Sharpie CCAARN
Same as effect 1, but here a card is chosen, and lost in the deck. The 4 cards on the table are all wrong cards but, when added together, the chosen card is found at that number in the deck. 

Effect 4: 

Sharpie 4S
Same as effect 1, but here the magician finds 4 selections. 

Effect 5: 

Sharpie Puzzle
Same as effect 1, but here the 4 cards on the table show a photo of a Sharpie. All the other cards are blank. 

Plus, learn an old idea you can apply in many of your card routines. It lets your spectators shuffle the cards, yet you still have full control over the top cards. 

For the routine, Sharpie Puzzle, you will need a deck with blank faces. 

Skill level: Easy 
Duration: 37 minutes 

Download the video and learn these great effects!

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