The Door

The Door by Michael Murray


"The Door" is not a single effect but is instead the opening to a world of possibilities.
Included within this package are two sets of unique marked cards for the modern mentalist. These are highly customizable using the dry erase pen supplied. To whet your appetite we have included two devastating routines that your audiences are sure to enjoy.
The first is a cunningly clever version of the "Jazz Mentalism" ESP routine created by Dave Humphrey. The second is an amazing routine titled "Pocket Calculator" by Dale Shrimpton that leaves the audience with no question that you have developed a sixth sense!
"The Door" comes complete with a wallet which contains two sets of five blank faced cards. These cards have been coded with the amazing Beyond ESP marking system. The plastic laminate finish on the card stock allows you to customise them with a regular "Sharpie" pen. If you wish to change what is written upon the cards at any point you may do so using the clever little secret contained within the instructions.

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