The Scouter by Alexander Pavatzoglou video DOWNLOAD


5 spectators choose 5 cards each from a deck of cards previously shuffled by them. 

Each chooses only one from the 5 cards he is holding without saying/writing or showing his choice to anyone else. 

THEY then shuffle their choice in their packet so even they don't know where their card is. 

THEY place the 5 packets in any order they like. 

Then the magician mixes the cards a little bit more by dealing 5 packets of 5 cards. 

The magician shows the packets to the spectators and as soon as they say in which packet they saw their choice, the magician can instantly reveal the 5 chosen cards. 

Can be done with ANY BORROWED deck!!! 

Totally FREE choices of cards!!! 

NO key cards!!! 

In fact, the magician never needs to look at the cards!!!! 

The "Read 5 Minds at Once" trick taken to the next level!!! 

Download the video and perform this mind-boggling effect!

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