Tora Vanishing and Appearing Coca Cola

Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company

There are an empty box of coca colas and an empty frame in one side.

And in another side there are 6 Coca Colas and an empty paper bag.

The magician shows the empty paper bag to the audiences.

Then he put the Coca Colas into the paper bag.

Then he places the frame on empty pack.

Now the magician shows the paper bag to the audience.

The coca colas vanished into the paper bag ! So, the paper bag is empty !

Then he takes the frame and amazingly the coca coals appear from the empty box.

This item is very attractive for parties, birthday parties and …

This item is completely handcrafted and can be fold for easy transportation.

It made by aluminum, wood and stainless steel.

This item comes with coca colas, 6 pack of coca cola, frame, paper bag, special box and DVD

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